Red Wines You Can’t Resist

Baby, it’s cold outside! While we may not yet be fully under winter’s icy grip here in South Africa, there’s certainly a chill in the wind. Your mind has probably already turned a little glumly to the idea of cold mornings and icy dampness. This is the season for big, bold and spicy reds that warm you up from the inside out- and Louisvale Wines has just what the doctor ordered!

Louisvale V Barrel 2017

It’s not our flagship wine for nothing. A meticulous, multi-layer cabernet sauvignon crafted from 5 specially selected barrels, the Louisvale V Barrel brings you heady aromas of black currant, dark chocolate and cedar… the perfect way to shake off the winter blues. This is also a wine that will develop beautifully in complexity as it ages, but you may want to save a bottle or two for this winter, too! With higher tannins in the glass, cabernet sauvignon’s also pair up fantastically with the very best fatty dishes and roasts winter can offer.

Stone Road Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’re looking for something a little less full, but still rich with the depth you need, turn to this delectable wine. Ripe fruit and fresh berries lift it, while cassis and oak barrel spiciness add back some winter warmth. Perfect for cosy winter afternoons with friends, it’s also a delicious accompaniment to hearty stews.

A generous display of fully ripened fruit with red berries, cassis and oak barrel spiciness. The palate sensations are long and refreshing. An excellent wine to ponder over with good friends and good times.

Stone Road Merlot

If winter had a favourite wine, it would be a Merlot. With an easy finish and gentle tannins, this is a fruity red with fantastic drinkability. It will match with almost anything you want to throw at it, too, from hearty stews to a tangy Italian dish. If you’ve got guests with mixed tastes, or simply don’t know what they’ll like, this is your perfect choice.

It may be cold outside, but you can snuggle up in the warmth of your home with a glass (or three) to celebrate! Red wine can be the perfect way to round off an evening with friends, make your mark among those you have to impress, or just celebrate an intimate moment with family.

Let Louisvale Wines make something special of your winter moments, with a hearty red to seal the deal.