With winter nipping at the air, your thoughts are likely turning to delicious stews and nights tucked up in front of the fire. Seal the deal with a delicious Louisvale Wines red, and drive out the cold and ice for good this season.

Why winter and red wine go hand in hand

What is it about darker vintages that soothe the soul when it’s cold outside? While white and pink wine varieties carry sparkling, fruity, zesty, and fresh overtones, red wine gets a lot more complex and has a deep, rich taste it’s hard to beat. It’s not just about the taste, however! On average, red wines have a higher alcohol content than white, and that actually helps warm us up from the inside out. Literally. Alcohol has a slight thermogenic effect naturally. Also, unlike many whites, reds can be served at a warmer temperature, and aren’t often chilled before consumption. After all, we know exactly why the best Chardonnays are chilled to perfection before being drunk, but that just doesn’t seem as refreshing in winter as it does in the South African summer heat!

There’s one last, more subtle, reason that red is where it’s at if you’re looking for winter wine that will blow your imagination wide open. Because of their richer, more complex flavour profiles, red wines typically pair better with heavy, fatty meats that are perfect for cold weather eating. What better way to warm up after a chilly day at work than with a glass of red in one hand and a hearty oxtail soup in the other? Not convinced? Drop by the Food @ Louisvale restaurant to experience some of the very best South African winter favourites.

So winter and red wines are a match made in heaven- but what’s your best choice for Winter 2021? Here’s some tips on the very best reds from the Louisvale cellar to warm up your home this winter.

Louisvale Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’re not entirely sold on reds, try this perpetual favourite. It still has those deep oak spice notes to warm you up, but keeps a lighter, berries-and-ripe-fruit overtone (think plum, blackcurrant and dark berries) that will cheer your heart with summer memories no matter the weather.

Louisvale V Barrel (2019 vintage)

Lose yourself in our flagship wine, with heady aromas of blackcurrant, dark chocolate and cedar, and banish those winter blues forever. Perfect with fatty roasts and succulent stews, or just for a night sharing secrets around a roaring campfire, you’ll soon fall in love with this eminently ageable favourite. Don’t forget a few bottles for your cellar!

Louisvale Merlot

If you’re looking for a gentle, easy companion for winter nights, this is a fantastically drinkable red with subtly fruity vibes that will play well with anything. Looking for an easy red wine to kick off the winter with? This is your new best friend. And if you’ve got guests with mixed or difficult tastes, this adaptable wine has your back all the way. Silky smooth and oak-matured, the rich plum and mulberry is sure to win over any audience. This is a show-stopper for pork loin, beef, or a delicious range of cheeses.

Meet Dominique and Boris

Looking for something a little different? Already a fan of red wines and want to dive deeper into a winter treat? These 2 are for you.

The Boris offers you an elegant, complex red with aromas of cassis and cherry, fading into tobacco and cedar. Integrated tannins, handpicked grapes, and expert double-barrel aging makes this a vintage you’ll come back to time and again.

Dominique offers a classy blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. The result? An intense fruity burst of blackcurrant and plum, deepend by toasted oak. It’s a rich and full bodied Bordeaux blend that reminds you chill winter nights can be awesome.

Who said winter has to be dull? Shut out the cold and snuggle up with a glass (or three) of the very best reds from the Louisvale Wines cellar and shake off those winter blues for good.