Did you know that Louisvale wines have recently opened an online store? In the post-lockdown era, it just made sense to make it easier than ever for you to access our many quality wines at the click of a button. By opting for curbside delivery right to your door, you can have full access to the entire Louisvale range with a complete peace of mind for you and your family. And you’ll be helping the winery thrive, too.

The (many) advantages of buying directly from your winery

How is this any different from buying from the delivery platform of your local grocer? While we are still proud to be partnered with some of the biggest shop brands in South Africa, and we’re super-glad that consumers have a range of options available to them for purchase, there’s a few key areas where buying directly from the winery just enhances the experience as well as providing us direct and meaningful support:

  • Complete peace of mind
  • Comprehensive range
  • Shop local, shop lekker

Let’s take a closer look at how buying from the Louisvale Winery online store is one of the very best ways you can help support us.

Complete peace of mind

We do take great pains to ensure that our sales partners handle our wines perfectly throughout the sales process- but once it leaves the winery we have very little control over the next part of its journey.  When you buy directly from the winery, you have the advantage of knowing the wine winging its way to your door has been loved throughout its lifetime- and only handled by wine experts at every stage.

Additionally, it’s never been stored off-site, or subject to changing many hands before it reaches you. As a winery, maintaining impeccable hygiene has always been part of the Louisvale ethos, so you can rest assured that only the best sanitation procedures have been used. Your wine will arrive ready-to-drink and free from risk for you and your family- something we know has become of great importance to our customers in the COVID era.

Comprehensive range

By purchasing directly from Louisvale, you’ll always have complete access to the entirety of our wine catalogue. Additionally, you’ll be interacting directly with our wine experts, who live and breathe our wines every day. No matter the question or the occasion, we’ll be able to help you pick the perfect match. If Louisvale makes it, it will be here, and you’ll be able to get it.

Shop local, shop lekker

It’s no secret that the COVID-induced lockdown, while medically necessary, has had a devastating effect on the local economy. While we love our trade partners, and appreciate the opportunity to sell through their platforms, the cold hard facts of the matter are that larger corporations can buy in bulk from us. In many instances, the stock you purchase from them today also represents money they spent before lockdown started. While that helps to support us as well, by purchasing directly from the winery you’re able to help in a much more visceral and immediately-felt way. You will be paying every cent to the winery, with no portion of the funds going elsewhere, and you’ll be helping us thrive despite these exceedingly trying times.

We purely employ local wine experts and workers on the vineyard, too… so your hard-earned cash will be going into the pockets of South Africans just like you. Every cent you spend will help stimulate the local economy and make a better life for all our people.

Buying directly from Louisvale Wines allows you an unprecedented wine experience that stimulates the local economy, ensures your wine order receives only the best handling, and allows you to chat with our experts to make the perfect match for your needs- what could be better than that?