There’s nothing quite like the glory of a sunset or sunrise at Louisvale Winery. The breath-taking exquisiteness of the land around us, and the unique way our architecturally renowned function venue nestles seamlessly into the ancient foothills of the Devon Valley, is what prompted us to throw open our doors to brides looking for something elegant, sophisticated, and unusual for their guests. Now we’ve taken it another step forward, expanding our wedding venue to hold up to 130 guests, allowing you even more versatility with the same Louisvale charm on your special day.

Why a Louisvale Wedding is truly unique

At Louisvale, you have the assurance of using an indoor venue that can never be affected by bad weather- without sacrificing any of the views! Designed by acclaimed architect Christof Albertyn, our gorgeous function venue takes its inspiration from the very first man made structures that ever existed in this ancient space- the woven reed mat structures of the Nomadic Khoekhoen. Reinvented for the modern eye, we offer a soft, curving structure with organic grace and vast expanses of floating glass flooding the space with sunlight. 280-degree views of the rolling wine farm offer you a sight, and an experience, like nothing else- how better to celebrate the perfect wedding day?

Experience the Louisvale difference

The natural beauty of our venue isn’t all Louisvale offers, however. We aim to create a guest experience as unforgettable as the love you share. With the gorgeous vista of the Devon Valley unfurling below you, our trained and helpful staff will help grease the wheels for your vendors so you can relax. You’re free to decorate the space as you wish, and the cost of the venue ensures you will have exclusive use throughout the day with no interruptions.

The delicious restaurant at Louisvale offers your guests a taste experience they’ll never forget, catered to suit your exact needs. And, of course, there’s full access to the internationally celebrated Louisvale wine list to put the finishing touch on a magical day.

A wedding at Louisvale Winery represents everything you’ve ever dreamed about love and celebration. Allow us to help you craft an elegant, sophisticated guest experience that will linger in their memories forever and say, ‘I do’ among the outstanding natural beauty of Mother Nature at her most romantic, subtly enhanced by the very best humankind has to offer.