Will you be tying the knot in 2020? While COVID may have put a damper on your plans (for now), don’t think of it as a setback to the special day- rather consider it the perfect opportunity to reframe and refocus away from the hectic ‘musts’ of keeping up with the Khumalos, and instead use the extra time to focus in on what YOU really want from your perfect day of love. Louisvale Wines knows that weddings and wine have gone hand-in-hand for literal millennia, and while your guests are more likely to remember how spectacular you looked then exactly what they were drinking, serving a special and well-paired vintage on the day has a way of wooing everyone with romance and getting people in the spirit of the party… and that’s when the best memories will be made.

Why wine at my wedding?

Weddings and wine will be forever tied together in our imagination. Can you even imagine a celebration of love without a sparkling champagne tinkling down the glasses and wishing the couple well? The tradition is so old, it can be dated back to Roman times- although ‘toasting’ in their context meant floating a piece of bread on top of the wine and saluting the skies as they called for blessings for the couple. Even today, the French use a 2-handled ‘toasting cup’ to celebrate the bride and groom, and pop a tiny square of toast in the mix for luck.

Wine has always been seen both as a way to tie people together in good friendship as well as to celebrate special occasions, so it’s pretty natural that weddings and wine have come to be so heavily associated in our imaginations. And whether you opt to keep the sparkles for a toast to the couple, or let it flow all night long, you can’t go wrong with the delicate bubbles and heady aroma of the Louisvale Brut MCC.

Drinking from the cup of life

But ‘tradition’ isn’t always a good reason to do something. Why does this sharing between the couple matter? It’s about the ‘cup of life’ the just-married sweethearts share, promising to love and support each other through all the future will bring, be it bitter or sweet. Wine offers the perfect blend of both, showing exactly how you need both high notes and low notes to create something truly special. It’s also a poignant reminder of how, even using the same ingredients and the same recipe, each wine- just like each marriage- will have its own unique taste and characteristics… and of how it’s the love and care you put into it that influences the results you get.

How to pick the right wine for your wedding

Celebrating the happy couple probably won’t be the only reason you want wine at your wedding, though. It’s the ultimate party drink- less hard-hitting then spirits, a more luxurious feel than beers and stouts, and pairs perfectly with food in a way most alcohol doesn’t. You’ll probably be planning to offer a vintage or two at the reception- but how on earth do you find the right match?

While we could write a whole ‘nother blog post about exactly how to find the perfect wine for your function, it’s important to pay a little attention to the time of the wedding, the season as well as the menu and the mood for your special day. A light, sparkling rosé fits a spring or summer wedding perfectly, where a cold-weather gathering may want a more hearty option like a merlot to add some warmth and comfort. A summer evening wedding may prefer a rich yet light taste like a chardonnay,  or a winter morning could look to a warm yet clean shiraz.

Whether you build the wine list around the menu, or the menu around your favourite wines, bear in mind that matching food to wine is the perfect way to bring out the very best in both and plan accordingly. And don’t forget to embrace the spirit of your chosen theme too… be it a dark and gothic occasion, a quirky theme wedding or an all-out traditional day of romance, the perfect wine is lurking in the Louisvale cellars waiting for you.

Wine has been part of wedding celebrations for so many centuries it’s difficult to imagine a celebration without it. Luckily, you don’t have to! All of your Louisvale Winery favourites are available right now, and we’re always here to help you with any queries, comments or even pairing advice you could require. Not to mention, of course, our beautiful vineyard is fully set up to handle the most romantic of weddings if you’re still seeking the perfect backdrop to your special day. Why not get in touch with the team today?

Wedding venue photography by Lizelle Lotter Photography