The World’s Tastiest Vegan Mushroom Risotto? You Decide!

There’s nothing quite like a thick and creamy risotto to warm you up on a winter’s night. If you’re looking for something delicious and vegan-friendly (though meat lovers will adore it too) to try out with a special someone, this tastebud-tingling dish from the skilled chefs on the Louisvale Wines team is sure to go down a treat. And it’s surprisingly simple to make, too!

The Ingredients You’ll Need

Ready to try this delicious dish yourself? Here’s what to throw in your shopping cart.

  • 1 Cup Arborio rice
  • ¼ Onion, diced
  • 1 Garlic clove, minced
  • 1 Thyme sprig, leaves only
  • 1 Cup Vegan-friendly white wine
  • 1-2 Cups of vegetable stock
  • 1 Cup Assorted Mushrooms- anything you like goes!
  • 1 Spring onion (green parts only), sliced thinly
  • 2 Tbsp Almond Milk
  • Vegan Cheese of Choice
  • Walnuts, toasted and lightly chopped

With everything assembled, it’s time to assemble this delicious dish!

How to Make Louisvale’s Delicious Vegan Mushroom Risotto

In a pot or pan over medium heat, drizzle some olive oil.  Once the pan is hot, add in the onions and thyme, and allow the aromas to release into the oil. Cook for about 6 minutes, until translucent and soft. Now add in the garlic and cook for another minute.

Next, add the arborio rice and mix everything together, making sure to cover the rice with the olive oil. Add in about half a cup of your wine, and continue stirring until it has evaporated. Add in the remaining wine and again cook until it’s gone.

Repeat the process with the vegetable stock. Once you have added in a cup of the vegetable stock and cooked it out, check the rice. You want it to have a little bite to it but not so much that it sticks to your teeth. If it is not there yet, add in more stock and cook until you find the consistency you enjoy. Remember to keep on stirring throughout! Remember that the rice gives off a lot of starch and can catch on the bottom of the pan quickly. You want to keep the starch moving around in the pan. This little trick is the heart of a nice thick and creamy risotto. Once you care happy with the rice, set it aside

In a different pan, add a little olive oil over high heat. Add in your chopped mushrooms and cook until soft, make sure that all the liquid the mushrooms have released are gone. Now add in the rice and mix well, then stir in and cook out the almond milk for extra creamy layers. Stir in the spring onions for freshness, plate up, and top with the nuts and cheese. Your delectable risotto is ready to enjoy with your special someone!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this delicious treat from the Food @ Louisvale team. If you’d like to try it from the chef’s who created it, be sure to stop by Louisvale Wines and say hi!