Why on earth does wine need to breathe?

If you’re not a big wine drinker, hearing that wine needs to ‘breathe’ may sound like crazy talk. You just want to pour a glass and enjoy, right? Breathing your wine isn’t just part of fancy wine etiquette, however, it’s actually a key way to get greater taste and enjoyment from your wine. Here’s Louisvale Winery’s easy guide to aerating wine properly- and why it will revolutionise your taste experience. What is ‘breathing’, anyway? Breathing wine is a lot easier than it
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Fun facts about wine (we bet you don’t know)

Wine has been lifting the human spirit for millennia. Tasty, safe and just boozy enough to make every day seem like a celebration, it’s intertwined with every step of human history. It’s been made in some form on every continent (after all, there are 10 000 varieties of grape alone), and you could sit down with an ancestor and share a glass and they’d recognise the taste and the social ritual both. Can you imagine anything else with such a long and storied
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