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Toast masters – what is a toast

What’s in a Toast? The History of Celebrating with Wine We all know that wine and celebration goes hand-in-hand. But why do we call saluting the occasion or the special person with wine a ‘toast’? It seems an odd combination- but there’s a rich and fascinating history behind this social institution. Whether you’re all partied out from the Christmas rush, or eagerly looking for your next chance to dance the social whirl, knowing how to make a great toast- and why we make [...]

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Pairing Wines with Cheesecake

Celebrate Summer with a Delectable Apple Treat It’s late summer, and there’s nothing like a sweet-but-tart apple treat to celebrate the season and keep your tummy happy, too! Did you know that crisp white wines, like your favourite Louisvale Wines Sauvignon Blancs and Cape Chardonnays- pair perfectly with apples? Today the Food @ Louisvale team have shared a super-special apple crumble cheesecake that’s bound to be a hit with family and friends alike, so why not try this super combination out for yourself? [...]

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