WINE(not) DINE @ Louisvale

While we all wait in anticipation for the next address from President Rhamaphosa, we remind you that Louisvale is open from Monday to Saturday from 09h00 to 16h00 daily. Join us for an early morning breakfast to get you started for the day or for a leisurely lunch while taking in the magnificent vistas and the crisp fresh air.  Lunch dishes are specially curated by the executive Chef Kirstie du Toit, and your hosts Mouton and Mogamat can share with you some [...]

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Have Millennials finally embraced wine?

‘The Millennials are coming!’ It’s a cry heard all over the net. Yet, while ‘millennial’ has become the catch-all term for ‘youngsters these days’, the facts are the last millennial will now have left college and maybe looking to start a family. They’re also thirsty for wine- just not, perhaps, the way the wine industry once thought. US stats tell us that millennials will soon be responsible for the largest overall share of the wine market. For a generation raised in the [...]

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Our Flagship Chardonnay’s Heritage

The Heritage of South African Wine: Louisvale’s Chardonnay Shines Through As fans of Louisvale Wines, you probably already know that Louisvale is known as the pioneer of Chardonnay in South Africa. But how much do you really know about our flagship wine and it’s rich heritage? In honour of Heritage Day, here’s just a little peek at the origins and development of these spectacular local wines. It’s no secret- from tourists to locals- that the Stellenbosch Wine Route is among the best in [...]

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