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Open your wine like a South African superstar!

Wine culture can seem intimidating if you’re used to simply drinking whatever you recognize first on the wine menu, but it certainly shouldn’t be! While it’s not necessary to pack in all the bells and whistles just to sip a chilled glass of your favourite with dinner, knowing how to elegantly offer a bottle of wine to guests and loved ones is a fun way to deepen your enjoyment- and look a little fancy, too! Here’s Louisvale Wines' cheat sheet on how
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Open your wine like a South African superstar!2021-11-16T07:01:13+00:00

Wine and food: A match (paired) in heaven.

Food and wine. You can hardly imagine one without the other. It doesn’t matter where your global adventures take you, a new friend waiting to offer you a sparkling glass of something delicious and some tasty snacks to go with it. We celebrate with wine, bond over it, and it’s a crucial part of enjoying good company. There’s only one way to make the experience better- knowing how to pair a delicious dish with the perfect wine! Wine pairing is an art
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Wine and food: A match (paired) in heaven.2021-11-16T07:20:56+00:00

Do I need to decant my wine?

Decanting wine can be an intimidating question to face. Should you decant wine in general? What about this wine? Why am I even doing this? Don’t worry! Today we caught up with the wine experts at Louisvale Wines to ask all the decanting questions you’ve always wanted to know the answer too, but daren’t ask. What is decanting wine?This one is easy! Many wines are not served straight from the bottle. Instead, they’re poured into an attractive pitcher (or something similar) and served
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Do I need to decant my wine?2021-11-16T07:12:59+00:00

Spring love and great wine: the perfect wedding pair.

We’ve finally passed the official middle of winter, and the mornings are looking a little brighter again. If you’re a blushing bride waiting eagerly to create the perfect spring wedding, we’re sure you’re starting to feel that frisson of excitement as you craft your dream wedding. Wine and weddings have gone hand-in-hand for millennia, and there’s something about the romance of vine-packed hills and rolling vistas that will make even the most difficult guest feel fuzzy with love. Here’s how Louisvale Wines
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Spring love and great wine: the perfect wedding pair.2021-08-09T20:04:39+00:00

Why does my wine smell bad? Is it corked?

Perhaps one of the worst things that can happen to a wine-lover is uncorking their exciting new bottle… and smelling not the beautiful bouquet of a much-anticipated wine, but the reek of wet dog hair. The phenomenon is known as corking, and Louisvale Wines has looked at it before, but it’s well worth revisiting again. Here’s everything you wish you didn’t have to know about corked wine, and what you can do about it. Why does wine become corked? What we’re
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Why does my wine smell bad? Is it corked?2021-08-09T19:14:07+00:00

WINE(not) DINE @ Louisvale

While we all wait in anticipation for the next address from President Rhamaphosa, we remind you that Louisvale is open from Monday to Saturday from 09h00 to 16h00 daily. Join us for an early morning breakfast to get you started for the day or for a leisurely lunch while taking in the magnificent vistas and the crisp fresh air.  Lunch dishes are specially curated by the executive Chef Kirstie du Toit, and your hosts Mouton and Mogamat can share with you some
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WINE(not) DINE @ Louisvale2021-07-23T10:57:18+00:00

Winter warmers to delight your heart

With winter nipping at the air, your thoughts are likely turning to delicious stews and nights tucked up in front of the fire. Seal the deal with a delicious Louisvale Wines red, and drive out the cold and ice for good this season. Why winter and red wine go hand in hand What is it about darker vintages that soothe the soul when it’s cold outside? While white and pink wine varieties carry sparkling, fruity, zesty, and fresh overtones, red wine
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Winter warmers to delight your heart2021-04-29T07:18:53+00:00

Have Millennials finally embraced wine?

‘The Millennials are coming!’ It’s a cry heard all over the net. Yet, while ‘millennial’ has become the catch-all term for ‘youngsters these days’, the facts are the last millennial will now have left college and maybe looking to start a family. They’re also thirsty for wine- just not, perhaps, the way the wine industry once thought. US stats tell us that millennials will soon be responsible for the largest overall share of the wine market. For a generation raised in the
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Have Millennials finally embraced wine?2021-04-29T07:02:53+00:00

LOUISVALE RECIPE: Lentil and Cashew Parcels

Try these succulent lentil and cashew parcels, and wow your friends and family Are you keen to try something a little different? Whether it’s as a main for ‘Meatless Mondays’, or simply a way to titillate your jaded taste buds, these scrumptious lentil and cashew cabbage parcels will have everyone begging for seconds!What do I need to make the lentil and cashew cabbage parcels? 1 Red cabbage 100g Brown lentils 50g Cashew nuts, chopped finely ½ Onion 2 Garlic cloves 1T Thyme 1T
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LOUISVALE RECIPE: Lentil and Cashew Parcels2019-09-23T06:23:07+00:00


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