Open your wine like a South African superstar!

Wine culture can seem intimidating if you’re used to simply drinking whatever you recognize first on the wine menu, but it certainly shouldn’t be! While it’s not necessary to pack in all the bells and whistles just to sip a chilled glass of your favourite with dinner, knowing how to elegantly offer a bottle of wine to guests and loved ones is a fun way to deepen your enjoyment- and look a little fancy, too! Here’s Louisvale Wines' cheat sheet on how
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Spring love and great wine: the perfect wedding pair.

We’ve finally passed the official middle of winter, and the mornings are looking a little brighter again. If you’re a blushing bride waiting eagerly to create the perfect spring wedding, we’re sure you’re starting to feel that frisson of excitement as you craft your dream wedding. Wine and weddings have gone hand-in-hand for millennia, and there’s something about the romance of vine-packed hills and rolling vistas that will make even the most difficult guest feel fuzzy with love. Here’s how Louisvale Wines
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Why does my wine smell bad? Is it corked?

Perhaps one of the worst things that can happen to a wine-lover is uncorking their exciting new bottle… and smelling not the beautiful bouquet of a much-anticipated wine, but the reek of wet dog hair. The phenomenon is known as corking, and Louisvale Wines has looked at it before, but it’s well worth revisiting again. Here’s everything you wish you didn’t have to know about corked wine, and what you can do about it. Why does wine become corked? What we’re
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WINE(not) DINE @ Louisvale

While we all wait in anticipation for the next address from President Rhamaphosa, we remind you that Louisvale is open from Monday to Saturday from 09h00 to 16h00 daily. Join us for an early morning breakfast to get you started for the day or for a leisurely lunch while taking in the magnificent vistas and the crisp fresh air.  Lunch dishes are specially curated by the executive Chef Kirstie du Toit, and your hosts Mouton and Mogamat can share with you some
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Wine and dine @ Louisvale in True South African Style!

When you think of Louisvale Wines, do you also dream of the delicious delicacies cooked up by our stellar culinary team? If you haven’t had a chance yet to sample the delectable morsels on offer at our vineyard home, it’s time to drop by and enjoy! Today we take a closer look at Kristie du Toit, our Executive Chef at Louisvale Wines, and the passion that motivates her stunning culinary creations.  A long-term love affair Kirstie’s love of cooking stems from a childhood
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From Vine to Wine: Meet the Louisvale Wine Genius

What powers Louisvale Wines’ winemaker? Today we lift the veil of mystery on how our gorgeous vines become our acclaimed wines, and it all starts with the love and passion of our winemaker, Simon Smith. A man who’s been in love with the soil and the harvest since a young boy, he brings passion, individuality and star quality to the Louisvale vintages. A quarter-century of wine For Simon, wine isn’t just a drink. It’s a lifestyle and a career, one he’s still in
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Why aged wines really are better than anything else

The stereotype of a wine bottle carefully ageing in someone’s collection is one we all know- but why is this seen as a key stage in so many wines? Is it just pretension, or does ageing your wine honestly make a difference to how it tastes? Louisvale Wines takes a look at why wine ageing is a thing, and when it can be used to ensure a tasty treat in the future. An ancient art Humans have been ageing wines since civilization began,
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The secret history of wine’s hidden birthplace

If we asked you to guess where wine originated from, what would you say? Italy? France? The truth is a lot stranger...and older...than you might imagine. Today Louisvale Wines dives into the history of our favourite drink- and how you can keep it evolving for the future, too. Man’s long history with alcohol Alcoholic drinks, in general, have been around as long as civilization has. As soon as mankind learned to farm, they began to ferment local fruits and veggies into drinkable products.
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