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Louisvale wine route

Enjoy a Tasty, Lemony Louisvale Treat We all love wine! But while you may get the most enjoyment from your favourite Louisvale Wines vintage by kicking back with a crisp, cool glass at the end of the day, what’s the spoil of a great wine without a sweet treat to enjoy with it? Today we’re sharing one of the classic favourites from the Food @ Louisvale experience- a truly South African Lemon Meringue that’s to die for. Bring a little of the Louisvale [...]

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Decanting your Cabernet Perfectly

Decanting your Cabernet Perfectly Now you know more about the exciting possibilities of Cabernet wines, how do you serve one properly? As anyone who’s visited the delectable Food @ Louisvale on the Louisvale Wine estate knows, there’s an art to serving wine- and how you decant it is a key part of that. Today we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know about decanting. What is Decanting? Decanting simply means moving your wine from the bottle that was its home [...]

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Why Wine and You are the Perfect Pair this Christmas.

Here’s to the festive season! Bringing some extra cheer and the chance to spend time with family and friends, we’re sure you can’t wait to kick back, relax, and celebrate with those you love. It’s time to start planning how to eat, drink, and be as merry as possible in the face of a year that’s been harder than most. Louisvale Wines have all the tips you need to pick the perfect vintage to complement your delicious dishes, too, so let’s get [...]

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Your Cheat Pocket Guide to Wines.

Love wine, but not entirely up to speed with all the terminology? Never fear! The expert team at Louisvale Wines have your back. Here’s a look at basic wine types everyone should know, and a few tips to enjoy them like a pro! Red and White The most obvious wine difference is, of course, red vs white. If it’s got a golden or greenish tinge, it’s a white, and anything from pale pink to deep ruby is red.  You’d assume that [...]

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Celebrate the Stellenbosch Wine Route this Heritage Day.

Spring has finally sprung- and you know what that means in South Africa! Summer is coming, too, and sultry, warm nights laughing with friends are only weeks away. We have National Braai Day, or Heritage Day, to celebrate on the 24th of September, too. If you’re looking for the ideal way to step into summer and knock the dust off the braai ready for a season of fun, Louisvale Wines has a simple, sophisticated treat that will make the neighbours jealous and [...]

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Wine and food: A match (paired) in heaven.

Food and wine. You can hardly imagine one without the other. It doesn’t matter where your global adventures take you, a new friend waiting to offer you a sparkling glass of something delicious and some tasty snacks to go with it. We celebrate with wine, bond over it, and it’s a crucial part of enjoying good company. There’s only one way to make the experience better- knowing how to pair a delicious dish with the perfect wine! Wine pairing is an art [...]

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Spring love and great wine: the perfect wedding pair.

We’ve finally passed the official middle of winter, and the mornings are looking a little brighter again. If you’re a blushing bride waiting eagerly to create the perfect spring wedding, we’re sure you’re starting to feel that frisson of excitement as you craft your dream wedding. Wine and weddings have gone hand-in-hand for millennia, and there’s something about the romance of vine-packed hills and rolling vistas that will make even the most difficult guest feel fuzzy with love. Here’s how Louisvale Wines [...]

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Why does my wine smell bad? Is it corked?

Perhaps one of the worst things that can happen to a wine-lover is uncorking their exciting new bottle… and smelling not the beautiful bouquet of a much-anticipated wine, but the reek of wet dog hair. The phenomenon is known as corking, and Louisvale Wines has looked at it before, but it’s well worth revisiting again. Here’s everything you wish you didn’t have to know about corked wine, and what you can do about it. Why does wine become corked? What we’re [...]

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From Vine to Wine: Meet the Louisvale Wine Genius

What powers Louisvale Wines’ winemaker? Today we lift the veil of mystery on how our gorgeous vines become our acclaimed wines, and it all starts with the love and passion of our winemaker, Simon Smith. A man who’s been in love with the soil and the harvest since a young boy, he brings passion, individuality and star quality to the Louisvale vintages. A quarter-century of wine For Simon, wine isn’t just a drink. It’s a lifestyle and a career, one he’s still in [...]

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Why on earth does wine need to breathe?

If you’re not a big wine drinker, hearing that wine needs to ‘breathe’ may sound like crazy talk. You just want to pour a glass and enjoy, right? Breathing your wine isn’t just part of fancy wine etiquette, however, it’s actually a key way to get greater taste and enjoyment from your wine. Here’s Louisvale Winery’s easy guide to aerating wine properly- and why it will revolutionise your taste experience. What is ‘breathing’, anyway? Breathing wine is a lot easier than it [...]

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