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Beyond the Flute: Champagne Glasses for Every Occasion

Beyond the Flute: Champagne Glasses for Every Occasion What makes bubbly better? While it’s hard to beat a fantastic Louisvale Wines MC Brut no matter how you serve it, serving champagne in just the right shape and style of glassware will help elevate and enhance your drinking experience. We’ve already looked at the right way to serve a red and a white wine, but champagne is in a class of its own. Whether you’re celebrating exciting news, or simply unwinding after a hard [...]

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Wine Ware: The Art of a Glass

Wine Ware: The Art of a Glass As fans of Louisvale Wines’ harvest know, the right temperature, handling, and even how you pour or decant a wine can greatly affect the taste experience. Did you know that the glass you use can matter, too? The differing shapes of wine glasses aren’t just an amusing oddity, they serve a real purpose in the taste experience- so today our expert team are walking you through everything you need to know about pairing your favourite reds [...]

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It’s Cabernet Day with Louisvale!

It’s Cabernet Day with Louisvale! Did you know that September 1st 2022 isn’t just Spring Day, it’s also International Cabernet Day? The  team can’t think of any better way to round out a beautiful day than with a sparkling glass of refreshing Cabernet to celebrate, even if the South African weather isn’t quite in full Spring mood just yet. If you're curious about this beloved wine type, keep reading- we have some fun facts for you to enjoy. International Cabernet Day The brainchild [...]

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Decanting your Cabernet Perfectly

Decanting your Cabernet Perfectly Now you know more about the exciting possibilities of Cabernet wines, how do you serve one properly? As anyone who’s visited the delectable Food @ Louisvale on the Louisvale Wine estate knows, there’s an art to serving wine- and how you decant it is a key part of that. Today we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know about decanting. What is Decanting? Decanting simply means moving your wine from the bottle that was its home [...]

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Store Your Wine Like A Pro

While there’s nothing wrong with buying a bottle of your Louisvale Wines favourite and enjoying it on the spot, you might be looking at starting your very own wine collection. Wine can be a little finicky to store, especially in South Africa’s hot, dry climate, so here’s some pro tips from our expert team on keeping your budding collection happy and at the peak of perfection. What Damages Wine in Storage? Wine has 4 enemies, namely: Heat Oxygen Light Vibration While the first [...]

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Sound Like A Wine Expert, Effortlessly

As all Louisvale Wines fans know, the world of winemaking- and drinking- is packed full of terminology. From the french terminology to the solid science, it can get a little daunting- but not with us on your side! In this two-part blog series, we’re going to break down the mysterious world of wine technology. You’ll sound like an expert in no time! DescribingWines You know what you like, but how do you find other great wines just like it! Knowing how to describe [...]

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The Sparkling Vibes of Cape Classique- South Africa’s ‘Champagne’

A little earlier this month we looked at how Champagne evolved from something that accidentally happened to some bottles in cold weather to a sparkling wine beloved by royalty. But if only those wines still produced in one small valley in France can call themselves Champagnes, then what are those succulent and delicious sparkling wines you taste on the Stellenbosch wine route? Louisvale Wines has the info you need. Appellation d'origine contrôlée You often hear about appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) regarding French Champagne, [...]

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When is Champagne Not Champagne? The History of your Sparkling Wine

If it sparkles and bubbles, it’s Champagne, right? Not quite! While Champagne has become something of a call-world for a whole class of wine, it’s a bit like calling every pool cleaner a Creepy Crawly- it’s actually a specific ‘brand’ in a broader wine type. Confused? Don’t be! Today the Louisvale Wines experts will break down the fascinating history of Campagne, sparkling wine, and what makes South Africa’s crops so special. What is Champagne? At its simplest, Champagne is a wine that has [...]

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Why Wine and You are the Perfect Pair this Christmas.

Here’s to the festive season! Bringing some extra cheer and the chance to spend time with family and friends, we’re sure you can’t wait to kick back, relax, and celebrate with those you love. It’s time to start planning how to eat, drink, and be as merry as possible in the face of a year that’s been harder than most. Louisvale Wines have all the tips you need to pick the perfect vintage to complement your delicious dishes, too, so let’s get [...]

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Your Cheat Pocket Guide to Wines.

Love wine, but not entirely up to speed with all the terminology? Never fear! The expert team at Louisvale Wines have your back. Here’s a look at basic wine types everyone should know, and a few tips to enjoy them like a pro! Red and White The most obvious wine difference is, of course, red vs white. If it’s got a golden or greenish tinge, it’s a white, and anything from pale pink to deep ruby is red.  You’d assume that [...]

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