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Wedding Venues in Cape Town

Find the Wedding Venue of your Dreams Hassle-Free! A wedding is a truly special thing, and you want the perfect venue to serve as the frame and backdrop to your big day. With a dazzling array of potential wedding venues on the market today, picking the perfect place can feel like a nightmare- but it’s time to turn those bad vibes upside down and banish the stress forever! With the dazzling beauty of our vineyards, and the classic-modern vibes of the winery
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Toast masters – what is a toast

What’s in a Toast? The History of Celebrating with Wine We all know that wine and celebration goes hand-in-hand. But why do we call saluting the occasion or the special person with wine a ‘toast’? It seems an odd combination- but there’s a rich and fascinating history behind this social institution. Whether you’re all partied out from the Christmas rush, or eagerly looking for your next chance to dance the social whirl, knowing how to make a great toast- and why we make
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