It’s harvest season at Louisvale!

As South Africa slides into a warm and crispy autumn, it’s time for the wine master at Louisvale to head to the vines and see what the latest season has brought us. For all this is the very first step of many on the way to the succulent wine you sip tonight, it’s one of the most important- and fascinating! Today we take a sneak-peek behind the scenes at the mystery of wine harvesting in South Africa. Louisvale wines are hand-harvested [...]

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Our Flagship Chardonnay’s Heritage

The Heritage of South African Wine: Louisvale’s Chardonnay Shines Through As fans of Louisvale Wines, you probably already know that Louisvale is known as the pioneer of Chardonnay in South Africa. But how much do you really know about our flagship wine and it’s rich heritage? In honour of Heritage Day, here’s just a little peek at the origins and development of these spectacular local wines. It’s no secret- from tourists to locals- that the Stellenbosch Wine Route is among the best in [...]

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