We’ve finally passed the official middle of winter, and the mornings are looking a little brighter again. If you’re a blushing bride waiting eagerly to create the perfect spring wedding, we’re sure you’re starting to feel that frisson of excitement as you craft your dream wedding. Wine and weddings have gone hand-in-hand for millennia, and there’s something about the romance of vine-packed hills and rolling vistas that will make even the most difficult guest feel fuzzy with love. Here’s how Louisvale Wines can help you make your special day even more memorable.

Feel the party vibes with your favourite Cape Chardonnay

Why is wine and love so tied together in our imagination? Many a bride has celebrated the special day with a bubbling tower of champagne tinkling. Many a special and heartfelt speech has begun with the clinking of a wine glass in praise of the happy couple. But how did this come to be?

As we’ve mentioned before, the tradition is so old, it comes from ancient Rome. Here, they would float a piece of bread on their wine and salute the sky, wishing the couple all the best. If you’re curious, this is also where the modern French tradition of the ‘toasting cup’ came from, with its iconic 2 handles and strange piece of floating toast.

In the end, it comes back to the powerful unifying force a good wine has. It’s a way to tie friends together and celebrate special occasions- and what’s more special than your wedding day?

The sweetheart cup

Wine occupies a special place in the world of love. It’s often how we wooed our beloved on the first date, and it’s our go-to for Valentine’s day romance. When it comes to your wedding day, however, it’s not just about wine- it’s about the sweetheart cup, or the ‘cup of life’, you’ll share together. This neat little tradition has a deeper, poignant meaning we sometimes forget. It’s a little promise to each other to be there no matter what, through the sweet and the bitter. It’s excitement for the future, and willingness to stand together no matter what.

What better symbolism for that strength than wine? Wine brings you the bitter and the sweet in a perfect blend. As any wine lover knows, you need the high notes and the low notes to make a beautiful wine into something truly unique. It’s also a reminder that it’s never about the recipes itself, it’s about what you put into it. No two wines ever taste the same, even with the same grapes and the same winemaker, and every marriage is the same. It is, after all, the love and care you put into your marriage that will decide what you get out of it!

Making the perfect match for your spring wedding

Romance aside, however, wine is also one of the best party drinks you could serve. It doesn’t have the bad rep of hard spirits, and it’s got that luxury feel that beers, stouts, and ciders just can’t match. It makes a beautiful pairing with food, and it’s a great ice breaker.

Matching your menu is something best discussed between you and the friendly Food @ Louisvale team, but with the promise of a beautiful spring to match your wonderful wedding, we can’t resist suggesting a light Chardonnay or a sparkling Rose as the perfect counterpoint. And don’t forget one of our sparkling MCC Brut vintages for the toasts!

No matter what you want from your special day, the Louisvale Wines cellar has the perfect match, so don’t be afraid to reach out to the team today. If you’re planning your wedding in our beautiful wedding venue, you’ll be perfectly placed to enjoy the very best of the Stellenbosch Wine Route’s exquisite beauty on your wedding day, too. Why not get in touch with the team for a viewing today?