The holiday season is right around the corner- and with that comes celebrations, parties and fun. Whether you love having friends around for an informal braai on Christmas Day, or take pride in throwing the best formal dinner party on the block, there’s one thing we all know for sure- pairing the perfect wine to your dish is the best way to celebrate a tasty feast in style and luxury. Here’s your easy guide to the perfect Louisvale Wines to match to your menu this Christmas Season.

It’s not (all) about the bubbles

When it comes to the iconic Holiday Season moments, you’re probably picturing a frothy cascade of sparkling wine to celebrate. With the Louisvale MCC and MCC Pinot Noir your perfect partners in celebration, we can’t blame you! There’s something about the overflowing abundance of an uncorked effervescent wine that screams ‘it’s the holidays’.

But toasting moments aside, a sparkling wine isn’t always the best choices to pair with your foods, and some people do suffer from ‘bubble fatigue’ and would rather drink anything else, so don’t get so fixated on the sparkles that you neglect the rest of your menu.

Appetizers Galore

Traditionally, you’ll be keeping your appetizers light. After all, there’s a lot more to come! This same restraint should show in your wine choices, too. Although you’ll want to spend a little time pairing the specific flavour profile of your Louisvale Wine up to the exact components of the dish, light and carefree is the spirit you want here. Try a crisp, fresh Unwooded Chardonnay for smokey salmon. A headier, but still light, flavour profile like a  Louisvale MCC Rose is great for ‘meatier’ appetisers, while the Stone Road Cinsault Rose is great with chicken, salads and seafood.

Magical Mains

Your holiday feast is going to be built around the perfect main- and your wine list should be, too. This is the wine to hone in on first, pairing it perfectly to your intended dish to prime guest’s palettes for pleasure.

Knowing your audience is key, here. If you’re looking for traditional festive fare like a heavy, fatty roast, you need a rich, dark and bold pairing to bring out it’s best. A Cabernet Sauvignon or Louisvale Chardonnay (we are the pioneers of Chardonnay, after all) could be perfect. If you’re opting for a sweet-fat blend like a glazed ham, you’ll need something a little sharper to cut through the sweet tastes and balance the meal. Merlot makes a great companion for creamy, rich mashed potatoes, and a Pinot Noir or full-bodied Chardonnay will accompany almost any roast veggie dish perfectly.

Delectable Desserts

Your guests may be feeling stuffed by now, but you’ll still want to give this one some careful thought. What’s Christmas, after all, if not a chance to indulge in seconds? This is the wine that’s going to linger on guest’s palettes – and in their memories – so a match made in heaven will create the dream holiday feast.

There’s an overwhelming perception that dessert courses do better with heavier liquors, but it’s a fallacy – a well-chosen wine can add just the zing you’re looking for. The key is to balance the flavour profile of the wine to the dominant notes of the dessert. Sometimes you want them to complement, but if you’ve got a very sweet or heavy dessert planned, something to cut through the overwhelming sugary tones may be more welcome. The fruity notes of our Stone Road Cinsault Rose and Louisvale Dominique both are recurrent people-pleasers. For those forgoing the sweet course, a welcoming glass of Shiraz should lead to fond reminiscing and fun stories among friends.

Planning the perfect holiday menu needn’t be a chore! With the Art of Chardonnay to help you make the perfect wine pairings, you’ll soon be dazzling guests with a range of subtle, delectable dishes made with love. Let Louisvale Wines help you celebrate the holiday season in style this year.