It’s Cabernet Day with Louisvale!

Did you know that September 1st 2022 isn’t just Spring Day, it’s also International Cabernet Day? The  team can’t think of any better way to round out a beautiful day than with a sparkling glass of refreshing Cabernet to celebrate, even if the South African weather isn’t quite in full Spring mood just yet. If you’re curious about this beloved wine type, keep reading- we have some fun facts for you to enjoy.

International Cabernet Day

The brainchild of Rick Bakas, this lovely little holiday burst onto the winemaking scene in 2010, and it’s grown in spades since then. It’s always the Thursday before Labor Day (in the US), so this year it falls on September 1st, a great day for South Africans to celebrate. If you’d like to show off your celebrations, don’t forget the #carbernetday tag!

The Popularity of Cabernet

Did you know that cabernet grapes are one of the most grown in the world? They’re grown almost everywhere that wine is found, and used in a variety of wines. It’s even grown in Dubai and the Gobi Desert! 

The most well-known is the famous Cabernet Sauvignon, affectionately called Cab Sauv by those in the trade. They’re a full bodied wine that also ages really well, so they make a great staple for daily drinking as well as your wine collection. A red grape with thick black skin on the vine, it’s beautiful to look at and tasty on the palette. It’s also rich in health-boosting resveratrol, which has been linked to cognitive health and well-being.

Because it’s such a ubiquitous grape type, there’s plenty of crosses and hybrids, too. Including a newly-developed ‘white cabernet’, the result of a crossing with an unknown white grape, now being marketed as Cygne Blanc.

Rich Tastes of the World

This versatile grape also brings a ton of taste to the table when fermented. While Cab Sauv is best known for herbaceous and blackcurrant tastes, it can produce anything from a faint trace of eucalyptus and black olives to a delectable hint of berries and cherries. 

The wines in the Cabernet family are typically aged in oak, and it’s a great pairing to all kinds of dishes that have strong flavours that might drown more subtle wines. It’s great for heavier desserts, pairing beautifully with vanilla, brown sugar, dark chocolate, and nutmeg. But it also perks up dill in rich fish dishes, lends warmth to fatty and smoked meats (yup, even your favourite wors), and lifts mushrooms and cheeses to the pinnacle of perfection.

As you can see, there’s a good reason that the Cabernet family has come to be called the King of the Wine world, and it’s an excellent wine to get you into enjoying your food pairings, too. Since it’s International Cabernet Day today, why not kick back, relax, and try one of Louisvale Wine’s fantastic Cabernet wines with your dinner tonight? Your tongue (and tummy) will thank you!