We know you’ve already fallen in love with the succulent, sophisticated treats on offer at Food @ Louisvale. So the team at Louisvale Wines have bribed our world-class chef to share a little secret with you all today. Gin-cured trout is a simple dish, packed with taste, and elegant enough to serve on any occasion. It’s sure to become a firm favourite at home- and remember, you can always visit the restaurant to experience the original in all its glory!

Why Gin and Trout?

Trout, which is really just a salmon at a different life stage, is a fish that’s well-known for its slightly smokey taste and firm texture. But we’re sure you’re sick of all the standard ways to prepare this delicious fish. Gin has a unique flavour profile, rich in its signature juniper berries, and makes for a fantastic way to lift the ‘heavier’ taste of trout and create something exceptional to offer your guests. Trout also pairs beautifully with lighter red wines and full-bodied white wines, which will enhance the tongue-tingling taste of this dish, so why not try it with a Louisvale Chavant or Louisvale Sauvignon Blanc at the table? The fruit flavours will build it up beautifully.

What You Need

The shopping list for this dish is also delightfully simple, so there’s no stress here.

  • 500g Trout  or Salmon Fillet
  • 200ml Gin
  • 1 Lemon, zested
  • 1 Orange, zested
  • 60g Salt
  • 40g Castor Sugar

What to Do

Let’s get cooking! If you’re super-smart, you bought already deboned fillets, otherwise you will need to debone the fish yourself. You can always check that your guests won’t get an unpleasant surprise by running your fingers from top to tail. If you encounter a bone, tweezers should get the job done. Just don’t grab your partner’s favourite pair! They do make culinary tweezers to help.

Mix the zests, salt, and sugar and set aside. Brush the fillets with gin liberally. Don’t be shy! Make sure the fish is nicely saturated with the gin for optimal taste. Lay your fillets out in a baking tray, sprinkling half of the salt mix first. Lay them skin side down, and dust the remainder of the salt over the top. We want the fillets liberally covered.

Cover with cling film or the tray lid, and place in the fridge to marinate for about 3 hours. This can be done overnight for a richer flavour. When you’re ready to cook the fish, wash off the salt mix under running water, pat the dish dry, and make sure you don’t miss any salt residue. We’ve ‘cooked’ the fish by curing it, so you don’t want guests to have an unpleasantly sharp taste explosion!

Remove the skin by (carefully) sliding a very sharp knife in-between the skin and meat and gently pulling. Make sure the knife moves away from you. The trick lies in a steady hand, and you can wiggle the skin to help get a neat and clean cut.

Slice the fish at an angle into thin, delicious slices. We suggest pairing this fresh, tasty treat with some tart green apples, mint, horseradish, and cucumber for a stand-out dish.

And there you go! Easy, right? With this sophisticated, but tasty, dish in your repertoire, you’ll be amazing everyone with your insider knowledge. Don’t forget to add one of our delicious Louisvale Wines to the table for the perfect pairing.