When it comes to love, white wine probably isn’t the first to pop to your mind! Sparkling roses and deep merlots seem to steal the spotlight at this time of year- yet they most certainly shouldn’t! There’s nothing like the crisp finish, delectable fruity notes and radiant appeal of the perfect glass of white wine to evoke a romantic moment. Here’s three Louisvale favourite white wines that will make even the hardest heart melt in the month of love.

Louisvale Chardonnay

As pioneers of Chardonnay in South Africa, it’s hardly surprising to see this supreme king-of-the-white-wines occupy the spotlight. This ultra-premium Chardonnay has matured in fine French Oak, and the quality shows. Dazzle your date with a complex aroma redolent with lemon blossom, pineapple and apricot, toast and spice notes. The experience doesn’t end there! The palate is buttery-smooth and lingers deliciously.

Hand-picked and carefully pressed, this wine is 100% barrel fermented, and matures for 8-10 months in the oak cask. Pair with fish, pork, poultry or indulgent heavy pasta for a delicious treat

Louisvale Unwooded Chardonnay

If you’re looking for a lighter, fruitier Chardonnay, look no further! This unoaked Chardonnay radiates citrus tones and savoury nutty nuances, giving you a clean and crisp flavour hinting of tropical fruits and clean grapes. The bouquet will linger as long as your love.

Pair this sensational hit with seafood, delicate and nuanced white meats, or creamy pastas that need a light touch.

Louisvale Chavant

Indulge your senses with a fine balance of fresh citrus, vanilla and white peach flavours that need to be well chilled to be fully appreciated. Leave lingering notes of butterscotch and citrus on the nose while this warm white wine melts your heart.

Looking for a match made in heaven? Try fish, pork, veal and roast vegetables to bring out the best in this wine.

A fine balance of fresh citrus, vanilla and white peach flavours, this Chardonnay offers hints of butterscotch and citrus on the nose. An ideal accompaniment to fish, pork, veal and roast vegetables. Serve well chilled at 14°C.

Stone Road Sauvignon Blanc

While we may specialise in the art of Chardonnay, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other fabulous white wines in the Louisvale stable! This fresh, crisp, and well-structured wine, brings a well-integrated acidity to your palate and a smooth, lingering aftertaste you can’t help but enjoy.

Designed as a refreshing aperitif, it also compliments light meals, pork and fish dishes.

MCC Brut

Where would a moment of love be without a sparkling glass to accompany it? If you have something to celebrate this month, allow this elegant and delicious bubbly to woo you. Combining expressive aromas of fruit and brioche on the nose, your palate is tickled by fine bubbles and a lingering mousse. Expect fragrances of zesty lemon and green apple flavours to compliment the experience.

It doesn’t matter where you turn at Louisvale Wines, there’s romance in the air. Pair it up with these fine white wines, and watch the magic happen.