Are you looking for the perfect venue to tie the knot? You want something beautiful and unique, just like your love. But there’s also a ton of practical considerations. Today the Louisvale team takes a deep dive into everything you need to remember to pick the perfect wedding venue.

Wedding Venue

1)  Choose the right location

Many of us have a clear idea of what our weddings should look like, so you want a venue that mirrors that. Here at Louisvale Wines, for example, there’s the stunning backdrop of some of the Cape’s most beautiful views, paired with the rolling beauty of the vineyards. Others may be looking for a beach wedding, or want to celebrate at a familial church. Do bear in mind how easily your guests can join you at the destination, too!

2)  The Number of Guests

Talking about guests, how many people do you want to invite? Every venue can hold specific capacities, for amenities and safety. You don’t want to book a huge venue for an intimate ceremony, nor vice-versa!

3)  The Venue

Once you start shortlisting venues, it’s time to focus on their characteristics. What’s the cost of the venue, and is it in your budget? What’s included in that price (think wait staff, menus, decor, etc) and what would you need to provide? Outside or inside catering? Do they have your preferred dates open? Will your event be the only one on the premises, or could there be a second event running that day? A good wedding venue should be happy to communicate with you, so this is a great chance to suss them out, too.

4)  The Restrictions

This will also lead you naturally to another part of your planning journey. Does the venue have restrictions to consider? Can you use outside caterers, and what facilities are open to you? Are you dreaming of a bonfire but fires are restricted? What sound and light restrictions are in place? Do you need to be out of the venue by midnight, and does that work with your plans? Do they have a liquor licence or must the premises stay dry? These will affect your reception and ceremony, so plan ahead!

5) Ask the Internet

Lastly, it’s smart to google Weddings plus Your Venue, just to see what other people have done there. Not only will you be able to see what people feel about the venue and service, but you may also find some beautiful inspiration, too!

Wedding Venue

And there you have it! With these top Louisvale Wine Wedding tips under your belt, finding the perfect wedding venue has never been easier! If you’re dreaming about a venue that unites the very best of modern and classic, all under the rich ambience of a working wine farm, then look no further than Louisvale. We’re proud to offer you top-end facilities, the very best food (and, of course, Cape Chardonnay!) coupled with some of the most breathtaking vistas in South Africa, so if you’re planning a wedding, don’t be shy to chat to the team today.