Louisvale Wines, nestling in the Devon Valley of Stellenbosch, offers you a chance to celebrate the Month of Love with delectable wines, exquisite food, and some of the most breathtakingly romantic scenery you’ll find anywhere in the world. Indulge you and your loved one’s senses in the art of Chardonnay, and let the magic of the Month of Love weave its way into both your hearts.

Let the glories of the Stellenbosch Wine Route woo you

3 million-year-old mountains ring the Devon Valley, offering a gorgeous backdrop for the shimmering vines of the estate. The picture-perfect Cape Dutch architecture of the Louisvale Homestead blends seamlessly with the Louisvale Wines Wine Emporium, an iconic homage to the Khoekhoen people who were the valley’s very first human settlers. And everywhere you turn there’s a view like no other. 280 degrees of heart-catching views call to you, with misty mountains and historic beauty at every turn.

It’s a landscape steeped in romance, with a quaint charm that’s hard to resist. See a different side of Africa, and let the allure of this charming valley work its magic over your heart

Share a spectacular meal together

Seasonal cuisine is the name of the game with food at Louisvale. This ensures a fresh, flavour-filled experience in every single bite. Tantalize your taste buds with fresh, home-made dishes crafted from secret recipes passed through the family. Succulent cheese boards, hand-crafted jams, heavenly sweets and delectable pizzas are just some of the tasty treats waiting to woo your loved one this February.

Explore world-class wines from the pioneers of Chardonnay

No romantic afternoon would be complete without a delicious wine or two, and where better to search for the perfect wine to win their heart than at the South African home of Chardonnay at its best? Our tasting rooms offer a contemporary approach to wine tasting, while the wooden deck allows you exquisite views of the lush Devon Valley below. No matter your favourite tastes, you’re sure to find a treat waiting among our five celebrated barrels and three flagship ranges.

Louisvale has the perfect recipe for love, and we’re inviting you to share the joy this February. Come visit the home of Louisvale Wines for yourself, and let the delectable food, exquisite views and sensational wines indulge your senses and thrill your hearts.

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