Weddings and wine- a match made in heaven

Will you be tying the knot in 2020? While COVID may have put a damper on your plans (for now), don’t think of it as a setback to the special day- rather consider it the perfect opportunity to reframe and refocus away from the hectic ‘musts’ of keeping up with the Khumalos, and instead use the extra time to focus in on what YOU really want from your perfect day of love. Louisvale Wines knows that weddings and wine have gone hand-in-hand for [...]

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Louisvale Recipe: A perfect summers side dish / salad or extra to go with a braai

Beetroot Salad with Lemon Goats Cheese, Beetroot Pesto, Candied Sunflower Seeds & Fresh Basil Ingredients 1kg                        Beetroot, cooked, peeled & sliced into rings 200g                     Goats Cheese 1                             Lemon, zested & juiced 150g                      Sunflower Seeds 10g                        Parsley 2                            Garlic Cloves 1Cup                     Oil ¼Cup              [...]

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Food at Louisvale: The Very South African dish you simply have to try for yourself!

Curried Sheep Tripe with Samp & Spinach South Africa’s rich heritage shows in many ways- the diversity of people you meet day-to-day, the bright and colourful swirl of languages around you, and the vibrant beauty of our art. But there’s one place that heritage truly shines- and that’s in the kitchen! The overwhelming variety of dishes, tastes and cultures wrapped up in our cuisine is remarkable- and it’s that same spirit of delectable diversity that Food at Louisvale hopes to embrace. With that [...]

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