Louisvale Recipe: A perfect summers side dish / salad or extra to go with a braai

Beetroot Salad with Lemon Goats Cheese, Beetroot Pesto, Candied Sunflower Seeds & Fresh Basil Ingredients 1kg                        Beetroot, cooked, peeled & sliced into rings 200g                     Goats Cheese 1                             Lemon, zested & juiced 150g                      Sunflower Seeds 10g                        Parsley 2                            Garlic Cloves 1Cup                     Oil ¼Cup              [...]

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Food at Louisvale: The Very South African dish you simply have to try for yourself!

Curried Sheep Tripe with Samp & Spinach South Africa’s rich heritage shows in many ways- the diversity of people you meet day-to-day, the bright and colourful swirl of languages around you, and the vibrant beauty of our art. But there’s one place that heritage truly shines- and that’s in the kitchen! The overwhelming variety of dishes, tastes and cultures wrapped up in our cuisine is remarkable- and it’s that same spirit of delectable diversity that Food at Louisvale hopes to embrace. With that [...]

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