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The Art of Sabrage: Louisvale MCC

It’s the third Friday in May- and that means it’s International Sabrage Day! If you’re new to the wider world of Champagne, you might not even know what Sabrage is, but that’s ok. The helpful team from Louisvale Wines is here to fill you in on everything you need. So if you’re looking for an excuse to celebrate (it is Friday, after all), then why not crack a beautiful bottle of bubbly and kick back as we fill you in on all-things-sabrage! Swords [...]

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The Sparkling Vibes of Cape Classique- South Africa’s ‘Champagne’

A little earlier this month we looked at how Champagne evolved from something that accidentally happened to some bottles in cold weather to a sparkling wine beloved by royalty. But if only those wines still produced in one small valley in France can call themselves Champagnes, then what are those succulent and delicious sparkling wines you taste on the Stellenbosch wine route? Louisvale Wines has the info you need. Appellation d'origine contrôlée You often hear about appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) regarding French Champagne, [...]

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When is Champagne Not Champagne? The History of your Sparkling Wine

If it sparkles and bubbles, it’s Champagne, right? Not quite! While Champagne has become something of a call-world for a whole class of wine, it’s a bit like calling every pool cleaner a Creepy Crawly- it’s actually a specific ‘brand’ in a broader wine type. Confused? Don’t be! Today the Louisvale Wines experts will break down the fascinating history of Campagne, sparkling wine, and what makes South Africa’s crops so special. What is Champagne? At its simplest, Champagne is a wine that has [...]

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Why aged wines really are better than anything else

The stereotype of a wine bottle carefully ageing in someone’s collection is one we all know- but why is this seen as a key stage in so many wines? Is it just pretension, or does ageing your wine honestly make a difference to how it tastes? Louisvale Wines takes a look at why wine ageing is a thing, and when it can be used to ensure a tasty treat in the future. An ancient art Humans have been ageing wines since civilization began, [...]

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Wine, Christmas and you: ensure a Festive match made in heaven

The festive season has arrived! While 2020 has been a tough one for many, that means we need to eat, drink and be merry in each other’s company all the more! A great wine and food pairing is the perfect icebreaker to keep the festive fun flowing. That’s why Louisvale Winery is here with the tips and tricks you need to make sure your dishes pop with just the right wine this Christmas What is the superstar of the dish? The first step [...]

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