Winemaking terms 101: Everything you never knew about your wine, explained

The world of wine has a mystique of its own, and you may be intimidated by the wine ‘jargon’. We at Louisvale Wines, the pioneers of Chardonnay in South Africa, love the ambiance of the wine world, but believe a passion for wines should be open to […]

Love your wine? Love your food? Learn how to pair them and enhance the taste sensation

Wine and food have been an essential pairing throughout time. It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, being able to share a refreshing glass of wine with delicious food is a great way to celebrate, bond and just enjoy good company. Knowing how to pair […]

Why buying your wine online direct from the winery might be the smartest move you ever make

Did you know that Louisvale wines have recently opened an online store? In the post-lockdown era, it just made sense to make it easier than ever for you to access our many quality wines at the click of a button. By opting for curbside delivery right […]