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Louisvale’s Spiced Easter Hot Cross Buns

Spiced Easter Hot Cross Buns Ingredients 350ml              Milk 80g                  Margarine 500g                Flour 15ml                Ground Mixed Spice 5ml                  Ground Cinnamon 2ml                  Ground Cloves 60g                 Brown Sugar 10g                 Dry Yeast 5ml                 Salt 90g                 Dried Cranberries 60g                 Dried Dates, diced 1                      Large Egg, lightly beaten Method Heat the milk and margarine until the margarine is melted, set aside and let cool slightly Sift the flour, spices, sugar, yeast & salt together in a large bowl Add the cranberries and dates into the flour and mix to [...]

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Winter Warmers

Red Wines You Can’t Resist Baby, it’s cold outside! While we may not yet be fully under winter’s icy grip here in South Africa, there’s certainly a chill in the wind. Your mind has probably already turned a little glumly to the idea of cold mornings and icy dampness. This is the season for big, bold and spicy reds that warm you up from the inside out- and Louisvale Wines has just what the doctor ordered! Louisvale V Barrel 2017 It’s not our [...]

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Millennials, Wine and Mayhem

What You Need To Know When you think of Millennials, wine tasting may not be the first thing that springs to mind. Yet US statistics tell us the millennial demographic will hold the largest share of wine consumption just six years from now. Has the wine industry stayed fresh enough to keep the social media generation entertained? As the pioneers of Chardonnay in South Africa, Louisvale Wines is perfectly placed to take a look. What do Millennials like about the wine industry? For [...]

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Everything you ever wanted to know about your sommelier

Your sommelier, or ‘somm’ is an important part of any wine journey. Yet, like so many of the French terms associated with wine, unpacking exactly what the sommelier does can be an intimidating experience. Not with Louisvale Wines on hand, however! Here’s everything you wanted to know about this important role in the wine community, made simple. The celebrity sommelier With ‘wine culture’ undergoing a bit of a renaissance these days, it’s become something of a ‘celebrity’ status- but what does it even [...]

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For the love of (white) wine: Louisvale favourites for the month of love

When it comes to love, white wine probably isn’t the first to pop to your mind! Sparkling roses and deep merlots seem to steal the spotlight at this time of year- yet they most certainly shouldn’t! There’s nothing like the crisp finish, delectable fruity notes and radiant appeal of the perfect glass of white wine to evoke a romantic moment. Here’s three Louisvale favourite white wines that will make even the hardest heart melt in the month of love. Louisvale Chardonnay As pioneers [...]

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Celebrate the Month of Love with Louisvale

Louisvale Wines, nestling in the Devon Valley of Stellenbosch, offers you a chance to celebrate the Month of Love with delectable wines, exquisite food, and some of the most breathtakingly romantic scenery you’ll find anywhere in the world. Indulge you and your loved one’s senses in the art of Chardonnay, and let the magic of the Month of Love weave its way into both your hearts. Let the glories of the Stellenbosch Wine Route woo you 3 million-year-old mountains ring the Devon Valley, [...]

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Luxury, simplicity and love: your dream wedding awaits you at Louisvale Wines

Love in the Winelands. What more romantic an idea could there be? The glories of the Stellenbosch Wine Route have been capturing hearts for generations, and nowhere is this beautiful backdrop more perfect than in the Devon Valley. A wine farm wedding is the perfect way to capture the charm of a rustic setting and marry (excuse the pun) it with all the mod-cons of a luxury modern venue. Nowhere does that union come together more seamlessly than at Louisvale Wines. A 3-million-year [...]

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Succulent strawberries and a roaring rose: the perfect summer combo!

Searching for the perfect party snack? Louisvale wines has an epic summer sizzler just for you (with a little help from mother nature, of course)! Strawberries and our Louisvale MCC rosés are both in season in South Africa, and it’s time you jumped on board this taste sensation! Strawberries, rosé and you Is there a taste more iconic to summer than a fresh strawberry? These succulent summer fruits have a heavenly blend of clean and sweet eating that’s impossible not to love. Simply [...]

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Long summer days, Louisvale and you: the perfect partnership

While the upcoming holidays have us a little dazzled with images of snow, Santa and other landscapes seldom seen in our beautiful corner of Southern Africa, there’s a sultry hot summer calling you to play! Your perfect partner for summer fun is waiting for you in the Louisvale’s Stellenbosch cellars. Can’t you hear one of Louisvale Wines’ iconic Stone Road Cinsault rosés calling to you already? It’s time to give some love to a Devon Valley favourite today, with a spotlight on one [...]

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