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Take your braais to the next level with Louisvale

Summer is here, and braai season is officially in full swing. With National Braai Day just past, Lockdown finally on level 1, and life looking altogether more hopeful, you’re probably itching to put the entertainment area to good use. If you’re looking to add a sophisticated touch to braai season, (and maybe to make the neighbours just a touch jealous), why not try this delicious Louisvale Wines specialty? After all, #LocalisLekker! The Perfect Wine This sticky, tantalizing rib combo is a match made [...]

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Winemaking terms 101: Everything you never knew about your wine, explained

The world of wine has a mystique of its own, and you may be intimidated by the wine ‘jargon’. We at Louisvale Wines, the pioneers of Chardonnay in South Africa, love the ambiance of the wine world, but believe a passion for wines should be open to everyone. Today we’re bringing you a peek at some basic wine terms everyone should know, and why they matter to you. What is ‘finish’ and ‘body’? The finish refers to the lingering taste left in your [...]

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Love your wine? Love your food? Learn how to pair them and enhance the taste sensation

Wine and food have been an essential pairing throughout time. It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, being able to share a refreshing glass of wine with delicious food is a great way to celebrate, bond and just enjoy good company. Knowing how to pair the right food and wine to make a stellar combination is an art, but it’s perfectly possible to learn the basics and enhance your meal and wine both. Today, Louisvale Wines is here to walk you [...]

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Weddings and wine- a match made in heaven

Will you be tying the knot in 2020? While COVID may have put a damper on your plans (for now), don’t think of it as a setback to the special day- rather consider it the perfect opportunity to reframe and refocus away from the hectic ‘musts’ of keeping up with the Khumalos, and instead use the extra time to focus in on what YOU really want from your perfect day of love. Louisvale Wines knows that weddings and wine have gone hand-in-hand for [...]

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Why buying your wine online direct from the winery might be the smartest move you ever make

Did you know that Louisvale wines have recently opened an online store? In the post-lockdown era, it just made sense to make it easier than ever for you to access our many quality wines at the click of a button. By opting for curbside delivery right to your door, you can have full access to the entire Louisvale range with a complete peace of mind for you and your family. And you’ll be helping the winery thrive, too. The (many) advantages of buying [...]

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Louisvale’s Spiced Easter Hot Cross Buns

Spiced Easter Hot Cross Buns Ingredients 350ml              Milk 80g                  Margarine 500g                Flour 15ml                Ground Mixed Spice 5ml                  Ground Cinnamon 2ml                  Ground Cloves 60g                 Brown Sugar 10g                 Dry Yeast 5ml                 Salt 90g                 Dried Cranberries 60g                 Dried Dates, diced 1                      Large Egg, lightly beaten Method Heat the milk and margarine until the margarine is melted, set aside and let cool slightly Sift the flour, spices, sugar, yeast & salt together in a large bowl Add the cranberries and dates into the flour and mix to [...]

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Winter Warmers

Red Wines You Can’t Resist Baby, it’s cold outside! While we may not yet be fully under winter’s icy grip here in South Africa, there’s certainly a chill in the wind. Your mind has probably already turned a little glumly to the idea of cold mornings and icy dampness. This is the season for big, bold and spicy reds that warm you up from the inside out- and Louisvale Wines has just what the doctor ordered! Louisvale V Barrel 2017 It’s not our [...]

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Millennials, Wine and Mayhem

What You Need To Know When you think of Millennials, wine tasting may not be the first thing that springs to mind. Yet US statistics tell us the millennial demographic will hold the largest share of wine consumption just six years from now. Has the wine industry stayed fresh enough to keep the social media generation entertained? As the pioneers of Chardonnay in South Africa, Louisvale Wines is perfectly placed to take a look. What do Millennials like about the wine industry? For [...]

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Everything you ever wanted to know about your sommelier

Your sommelier, or ‘somm’ is an important part of any wine journey. Yet, like so many of the French terms associated with wine, unpacking exactly what the sommelier does can be an intimidating experience. Not with Louisvale Wines on hand, however! Here’s everything you wanted to know about this important role in the wine community, made simple. The celebrity sommelier With ‘wine culture’ undergoing a bit of a renaissance these days, it’s become something of a ‘celebrity’ status- but what does it even [...]

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