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As the seasons change, so do we here at Louisvale.  In order to keep things always fresh and new, we change our menu on a monthly basis.  The team at Louisvale focusses on producing fresh and home made dishes to tantalize the taste buds.

Some of the offerings available are family recipes handed down. From cheese selections and home made jams, to delicious pork belly and home made ice cream, we are sure that you will find something to suit your needs.


Located in the 100 year old Manor house, this is a tasting room with a twist.  Adjacent to the newly built Venue, we have taken a contemporary approach to the newly refurbished tasting room.

With a wooden deck overlooking the verdant Devon Valley, a tasting with a view is definitely on the menu.  From Sauvignon Blanc to MCC and our ever popular blend, Dominique, we are sure you will find a wine to suit your palate.

Our Venue

As South Africa has a rich cultural history, it is only appropriate that Architect Christof Albertyn delved into this aspect for his inspiration. As Louisvale is nestled in the foothills of the 3 million-year old Cape Folded Mountains, a different approach was taken for the newly built function area that is adjacent to a hundred year old Cape Dutch homestead. The first manmade structures in the area were created by the Nomadic Khoekhoen.  Their domed structures were made from Taaibos laths, covered with woven reed mats and animal skins.  During the winter months they lived inland, closed to the water sources and during the summer months they moved to the coastal zone where they lived off seafood such as Perlemoen and Allekrik. The Colonialists from Europe arrived in the area during the 17th Century.  They brought with them vines, Oak trees and built white lime washed, plastered houses with gables reflecting patterns from their home countries.

The Design Rationale behind the Louisvale Wines Wine Emporium is about the marriage of the above elements embodied in a contemporary structure.  The soft curve of the Rheinzink cladding reflects the shape and surface of the Khoekhoen reed mat hut, supported by curved steel rails, connected by floating glass to the polished concrete floor, infused with chips of Perlemoen shell. The Rheinzink dome acts as a screen against the strong prevailing Southerly winds and hovers above a low concrete roof plated with Restios.  These reeds in turn reflect the thatched roof of the 1924 built, Neo Cape Dutch style homestead.  The new structure is connected to the existing building by means of glass roofed passage.

The Rheinzink dome façade peels away in strategis places into organic curved shapes to maximise the views of the distant Cape Folded Mountains.  These glazed, cave-like openings on the other hand reflect the shapes of the openings in the Perlemoen Shells. Louisvale focuses on creating a Louisvale guest experience paralled by none, in a setting with 280 degree views and wine to match our historic beauty in Devon Valley, there is more on offer than just wines – weddings, functions, wine tastings and menu options catered to your every need.  The Louisvale Team strives to assist where ever possible.

My family has been making chocolate in San Francisco since 1985.

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