Pasta with a Perfect Twist: Spinach Pappardelle with Wild Mushrooms

Are you looking for the perfect pasta twist for the festive season? Today we asked the talented team at Food @ Louisvale to share a few more kitchen secrets with you, as it was such a hit the last time. This fresh twist on the simple deliciousness of pasta is perfect to pair with a Louisvale Wines ‘22 Chavant, so be sure to stock up!

What is the Louisvale Chavant?

A lightly wooded member of our signature Cape Chardonnay family, this delectable and delicate white wine brings a fine balance of white peach, fresh citrus, and vanilla to the table, with the tiniest hint of butterscotch and citrus for the nose. Spending 4 months in wooded oak barrels, it’s a light, but subtle, wine that many people love.

This makes it perfect to balance the woody, meaty tastes of mushroom and enliven a pasta dish without losing the subtle mix of flavours. 

What You’ll Need

Luckily, this succulent and tasty pasta couldn’t be easier to toss together, either! So if you’re looking for a fantastic dish to star on your festive table, or simply want a hearty meal to throw together and enjoy with some sundowners alongside the pool, this is sure to become a favourite. 

  • 100g Spinach, cleaned and with stems removed
  • 300g Flour (00-type or Bread Flour)
  • 3 Eggs
  • 30 ml Olive Oil
  • 1 tsp Salt

Bring a pot of water to a rigorous boil on the stove. Add a pinch of salt, and then drop in the spinach. It will need a flash-cook of about 1 minute- you want to keep the vibrant colour, but make it palatable to eat. Then strain the water and add the spinach to ice immediately to stop the cooking process. Drain it well (squeeze out the water as needed) and pop in a blender with the oil. Blend into a fine paste, adding a little oil is needed.


Now throw all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl, with 30ml of the spinach oil you just created. Work the dough with your hands. Not only is it fun, but you’ll also make sure not to overwork the dough, which will leave your pasta rubbery. You can adjust with a little extra spinach oil if needed, so you have a soft (but not sticky) dough. Cover in cling wrap and set in the fridge. Now, assemble the power portion of the meal. You can use any mushrooms you like, so we suggest opting for a beautiful wild mix for extra variety and fun.

  • 100g Mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 tsp Garlic, minced
  • 1T Butter
  • 20g Walnuts, chopped small
    • Mint, to serve
    • Basil, to serve
    • Parmesan, grated, to serve

Again, get a pot of water boiling. Remove the dough from the fridge, and spread out on a floured surface. Cut the dough into four, and roll it as thin as possible. Dust with a little flour, and roll up tightly. Cut it into 1.5cm- 2 cm slices, unroll each piece, and place to the side. Or use a pasta machine- while a pappardelle cutter is ideal, you can make a tagliatelle cutter work too. 

In a separate pan, saute the garlic in the melted butter, then toss in the mushrooms. Drop the pasta into the water to cook for about 3 minutes, or until al dente. Then drain the pasta and mix in the mushrooms. Divide into four bowls, and top with the nuts, herbs, and cheese to serve immediately!.

You’re sure to fall in love with this delicious dish, which transitions beautifully from summer to winter, too, so be sure to keep it in your recipe repertoire. If you’d like to try this one ‘in the flesh’ (for research, of course!), you can try pairing it with the beautiful views at Food @ Lousivale, too, where our skilled chefs will ensure you can kick back, relax, and enjoy!  The Louisvale Wines team hope you enjoy!