Warming Winter Wines to Enjoy

Baby, it’s cold outside! As the winter chill creeps into our daily lives, your mind is likely turning to rich oxtail stews and other winter warmers. Globally, winter is seen as the season of red wines, and while Louisvale might be best known for its award winning Cape Chardonnay, we have plenty to help you drive out the icy cold and spice up your winter life.

Why Winter and Red Wine Go Together

While the delicate whites and roses are packed full of fruity overtones that are zesty, sparkly and fresh, it’s a mood that doesn’t always carry well into the winter chill. Red wines have a deeper, richer, and more complex flavour profile that lends itself better to the cold. Additionally, that more complex flavour profile typically pairs best with fatty, heavy, and rich dishes- and those are what we crave most when the weather gets icy. But it’s not just a matter of taste!

Red wines also tend to be more alcoholic than white or ‘pink’ wines, and this makes them altogether more warming when the icy weather rolls in. Alcohol has a thermogenic effect on the body- scientific terminology for it warming us up a little. It’s also typical to serve red wines warmer than dry white wines- and let’s be honest, who wants extra chill in their lives in this weather? That’s best left for a refreshing summer drink!

Louisvale Winter Favourites

So, what treats from the Louisvale Wines lineup would be perfect for your winter table? 

If you still favour a lighter, brighter taste, but want to capture a little of that warmness, consider the Louisvale Dominique. While it’s still a dry rose, it has a deep and rich berry-infused flavour profile (with added hints of watermelon) that make it ideal for a warmer winter afternoon.

Or embrace the spirit of winter with the Louivale V Barrel, currently on the 2020 vintage. Specially made from 5 elite barrels, this brings you blackcurrant, chocolate, and cedar overtones in a complex, multi-layered red perfect for the depths of winter.

If you want to find an easy-to-drink favourite to keep on hand to unwind after work, try our Stone Road Merlot range. It’s a simple, breezy wine that pairs well with anything, and will be an ideal companion for nights in front of a toasty fire. It’s also adaptable and suited to a range of palettes, so makes for an ideal wine to serve at parties and functions. It’s also sheer perfection when combined with pork, beef, or cheese-heavy dishes.

Want something a little different? The Boris is an elegant red, packed with cherry and cassis overtones that lead into cedar and tobacco. Tannin rich, made with handpicked grapes and a unique double-barrel ageing technique, it’s a unique favourite that will turn heads anywhere.

Winter doesn’t have to mean dull and dreary! From infusing your dishes with a hint of red wine for extra vibrancy, right through to enjoying your favourites with friends, a great Louisvale Wines red can help you shake off your winter blues and keep living life to its fullest no matter the weather. 

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